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DeBritos, Carpentry, Window & door repair and installation.

We provides quality repair work, refinishing , custom carpentry and painting for high-end architectural projects and custom residential home restoration repair and new woodworking installations. The carpenters and painters at DeBritos Home Improvement., are experts at fixing damage along with updating or adding on to vintage carpentry woodwork.   Whether you are restoring an old home back to the way it was or just updating with new energy efficient Doors and windows the carpenters and painters at DeBritos Home Improvement  have the expertise to complete any woodwork and painting project.

Window and Door solutions

It has become popular for owners of old Connecticut and New York homes to bring their old windows and antique doors back to the way they were when the home was first built.  Over time windows get painted shut and screens get pulled away leaving the wood windows exposed.  This leads to wood rot, cracked glazing, wind drafts and moisture seeping through preventing windows and doors from sealing and closing properly.   If you are thinking about restoring or replacing your windows and doors contact DeBritos Home Improvement work to estimate and plan a solution for your home.

Exterior  carpentry and painting

Over time the exterior of your home can get neglected and before you know it the damage to your home can become costly to repair.  Having your home looked over and maintained every year by a DeBritos Home Improvement carpenter and exterior painter can prevent major damage from occurring and will keep your home looking good between paint jobs.
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